Less than a week after the Golden Globe awards, the 2014 Oscar nominations were announced Thursday. “Lone Survivor,” a favorite among Blaze readers, scored two nominations, but probably for categories you wouldn’t expect.

The film covering the true story of a SEAL team mission in Afghanistan in 2005 was not nominated for Best Picture. Mark Walberg, who stars as Marcus Luttrell off whose memoir the film is based, did not get a Best Actor nomination.

“Lone Survivor” was nominated in the categories Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Wylie Stateman received the nomination for editing, while Andy Koyama, Beau Borders and David Brownlow are in the running for mixing. To get a taste of their combined work, take a listen to the sounds in the movie’s trailer:

You might be wondering about the difference between these two jobs and why they’re important to film. The blog Deadline Hollywood delved into this topic last year after:

Sound editors assemble all the sound elements except music and edit it into a soundtrack that is synchronized to the images on screen. That includes assembling everything from dialogue tracks recorded on location to sound effects, Foley and ADR, or additional dialogue recording. The mixer then takes the elements of the edited soundtrack and the music and adjusts the volume levels and 3D placement in the theatrical environment.

Deadline Hollywood reported that there is often overlap between the two functions though.

“There used to be a very definitive line between what sound editors do and sound mixers do, and it’s a little blurrier now in, I think, a very good way,” Philip Stockton, who was nominated in 2013 with with Eugene Gearty in the sound editing category for “Life Of Pi,” told Deadline Hollywood. “Sound editors go to mixes; mixers don’t hang around while you’re editing. One feeds into the next.”