Wainscott – The wonderful Herrick Entertainment’s “My One And Only” film screening was held Saturday night at Goose Creek, the home of Bryan Bantry in Wainscott. The film stars Renée Zellweger, Logan Lerman and Kevin Bacon, and was directed by Richard Loncraine.

The screening room at Goose Creek should be the envy of any private home that boasts a screening room – anywhere – luxuriously comfortable with wide, plush seats and a full size movie screen it was an absolute pleasure to settle in for a good movie, with hot, buttered popcorn provided as well – what a treat!

In 1953 New York, beautiful and mercurial Ann Devereaux (Zellweger) has just left her philandering husband Dan (Kevin Bacon), a society bandleader, and takes to the road with her two teenage sons (from different fathers), George and Robbie, in search of a potential new husband. Their journey eventually lands them in California, after settling in both Pittsburgh and St. Louis, the stops along the way, new homes and schools, and the relationships Ann engages in, all reveal the sometimes difficult relationship between a mother and her sons, and in particular the vast differences in opinions, morals and sensibilities Ann has with her 16-year-old son George (Lerman).

The film is inspired by the life of the charming and charismatic George Hamilton, and was written by Charles Peters. According to Hamilton, “The story was written about 15 years ago, and brought to Merv Griffin. There have been several actresses who were interested at one time, including Annette Bening and Michelle Pfeiffer, however, time passed and the story moved to different studios but never took off until there was a writers’ strike in Hollywood. Then, when approached for a story that was already completed and ready to go, and with the unending support of Zellweger and Norton Herrick (one of the executive producers and financier of the film, along with his wife Elayne) both of whom really championed this film it was finally able to be made.”

Young George is deeply affected by his mother’s choice to leave his father and therein the foundation is laid to reveal not only his deep love for both his parents, but his profound feelings of responsibility, both real and imagined, to now become “the man of the house” for his mother and step-brother, Robbie, hilariously played by Mark Rendall up until and even when his mother engages in what she believes to be suitable replacement husband relationships. However, time – as it does – has marched on for Ann and her own poignant discovery through sometimes personal humiliations that life indeed does get harder is brilliantly played by Zellweger.

There are strong supporting roles provided by Molly Quinn as Ann’s sister, and both Chris Noth, Steven Weber and the terrific David Koechner, all of whom manage to only enhance the already strong performances by both Zellweger and Lerman.

The film is filled with humor, pathos, and eventually the realistic expectations a parent must make of themselves, and the forgiveness and support hopefully all children will make for their parents.

The screening began with a short introduction made by Hamilton who first invited the audience “to meet my mother – Renée Zellweger,” and immediately expressed his appreciation for her talents and the support of Norton Herrick, “without whom this film simply could not have been made.”

Following the screening and leaving the cool, comfortable screening room, guests proceeded to the Blue Parrot in East Hampton for a buffet style dinner which was graciously underwritten by Carolina Herrera.

Among those dining in the recently reopened eatery, were Jon Bon Jovi, as well as designer Marc Jacobs. With mason jars of tasty Margaritas quenching the thirsty, and delicious food, especially the tuna, attendees were treated to a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The evening as coordinated by the always clever Peggy Siegal with a very hard-working staff, made sure that all in attendance enjoyed a memorable evening of first rate and heartfelt movie entertainment and delectable dining, as well as the company of many talented and interesting people calling the East End ‘home’ this summer.

There are also those who will find themselves sitting in front of their flat screen televisions, and will perhaps longingly remember that fantastic screening room with its comfy chairs and legroom, and wonder where the hot, buttered popcorn is.

Source: http://www.hamptons.com/the-arts/on-the-screen/8669/my-one-and-only-with-renee-zellweger-premieres.html